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Its health is unique
its diet too

Healthy nutrition in everyday life

Its health is unique
its diet too

Healthy nutrition in everyday life

Is there a chef hiding inside you?

You love cooking for your whole tribe, but Loulou, your cat and Franklin, your dachshund, have not yet had the chance to taste your talents?
Drop everything! (Drum roll) Chahuahua has the solution!

 Balanced recipes and nutritional monitoring: this is the ideal combination to take care of your beloved furballs.

Animal health professionals work with the clinic to create recipe cards just for your pet. As for monitoring, it is adapted to the condition of your animal.

Is your pet doing well?

Great! We have the almost magic formula to delight its taste buds and keep it in Olympian shape. Ensuring its coat is as shiny as your car, its breath as fresh as pine in the middle of winter, and also keeping it in shape...
Follow-up will be adapted based on the necessary adjustments.

Animal with specific needs
related to disease:

Our experts are trained to consider all animal diseases and offer you recipe sheets that can provide relief for your pet and improve your pet’s health: skin diseases, digestive problems, intolerances, kidney diseases, heart failure, etc.
As for monitoring, it will allow you to adapt to changes in your pet’s health.
Take advantage of the superpowers of fresh fruits and vegetables and hyper-digestible trace elements.

For a nutritional

Good food for a healthy coat!

Good food for a healthy coat!

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Your custom kibble!

Your custom kibble!

Formulated according to the health needs of your pet.
Weight, size, history, prevention, pathology: everything is taken into account to create the ideal kibble!

Recipes rich in natural nutrients
and antioxidants ideal for taking care of your
pet’s overall health.

More than 20,000 possible combinations but only a unique one for your furry baby! The first appointment revolves around a health/well-being questionnaire based on the parameters to be improved. Then, nutritional monitoring is started.

We will determine the exact quantity and a unique formula during the appointment. And, there is no need to think about buying kibble anymore. It can be delivered as soon as your bag is ready, at Chahuahua or home!

Make an appointment
for an assessment & let's work out together
your unique kibble!

Nutritional monitoring

Do you need an expert to hold your hand?
The solution: nutrition monitoring.

You want to give your sweetie the best, but you are busy/lazy/vegetarian/a poor cook/allergic to gluten (cross out those that do not apply). We are here!

The Chahuahua Clinic is committed to monitoring your pet’s diet and finding the most suitable diet according to its needs.
Make an appointment for a needs analysis.

Follow-up nutrition consultations will be adapted according to evolution – possible subscription.

Let us guide you